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Be the biggest, baddest version of yourself.

Welcome! If you are ready to create the life you envision, I hope you will enjoy the various resources here that will help you on your journey. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.  

Get Inspired: Music that inspires

Music has a way of grounding us in the truth. I have been a singer/songwriter my entire life, and the songs I have been writing over the last ten years have offered me inspiration and support, as I have been learning and growing. I decided to start sharing this music to help support others on their journey as well. 

I hope you enjoy it.  

As an example of my music, this video is a song I wrote called, “Space for This.” It teaches one of the biggest lessons I have been learning in my life, which is how to be the space for what is arising in the present moment. Sometimes it is something challenging to deal with, sometimes it is something wonderful, and sometimes it is just downright mundane. When we can fully accept the present moment as it is, we stop creating more suffering for ourselves.  

I love to play and perform this music at conferences and events that are in alignment with my purpose in life, which is to empower other people to be the biggest and baddest versions of themselves. I believe that this is our way to true fulfillment, peace and joy. Contact me about possibly performing at your next event or conference.  

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Learn: SHiFT from Fear to Freedom

When we make decisions and take action from a place of fear, or from feeling “less than”, these are not usually the best decisions or actions to take. We have to shift to a place of power, or freedom.

The SHiFT process easily teaches you about your patterns that keep you stuck in the same problems; then how to disrupt those patterns; and finally how to take the right action to move beyond the problems, have better control over yourself and your life, and fully create the life you envision.

Once you learn SHiFT, you can apply it to many challenges in your life and be able to adopt new patterns that put you in the right mindset for growth and success. 

From Fear to Freedom

Join me for a three pack of one to one sessions, where I will teach you “SHiFT Fear to Freedom”, using a specific challenge you are facing, and review at each follow up session what you are learning and then how to move forward from there, taking the action steps you truly want to take.

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Become Empowered: Ongoing coaching services to help you stay on track 

Business coaching for entrepreneurs and small business owners as a Certified Business Coach through ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching company. I have been a business coach for 10 years and with ActionCOACH for the last five. 

I offer business education, coaching and accountability to entrepreneurs and small business owners so that you can create a business that supports the life you envision. I will also teach you SHiFT as a part of my business coaching services, if and when that is necessary.

Team coaching to improve overall productivity and enjoyment at work. I call this building an inspired business because when we have happy people at work, companies will make more money, families will be healthier and happier, and our overall society will be better off as a whole. I work with teams in any size business teaching them SHiFT to improve communication skills and deal with conflict in a more productive manner.


Contact me for a complimentary strategy session to find out more about you and your business or team, and to see if business coaching or team coaching is a good fit for you.

Kim Eickhoff, MBA, MS, and Certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH and inspirational speaker and singer/songwriter, believes you should do what you love and love what you do. She artfully combines her 20 years of business experience with a passion for coaching and personal development to guide entrepreneurs to create “inspired businesses”. 

These are businesses with a clear vision that embodies effective communication, collaboration, respect, fun and profitability to achieve gratifying work/life integration.